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Greensleeves - Eloise Jarvis McGraw

I just finished reading greensleeves a couple of days ago. It was a bit difficult to properly imagine the setting because the story unfolds in the 1960s, and lately I've noticed I have a need to have a clear image of the characters while I'm reading.


The book was surprisingly deep. I like the first 2/3 of the book more than the last part. Even though there were so many characters, the author gave just enough for you to care deeply about each one. The characters were all really interesting too.


The journey itself was of course special. And I really think its a journey every girl goes through; a period when you're not really sure what you're doing and where you're heading. Since I'm in such a period right now I was really able to connect with the book.


The book gives a warm cozy feeling.


4 stars instead of 5, because towards the end the focus went to the romance aspect, which was less interesting than the rest. OK, 4.5!


(Read in November 2015)